Gets It Done

from by Bloody Fat Fucks

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Produced by: Trytoplay for SyndicateSG
Written by: Mean & Yennadoushiii
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered @ The.XS Lab



I gets it done (I gets it done)
I gets it done (I gets it done)
I gets it done bwoi (Find your best that's your highness)

[Verse 1 - Yennadoushiii]

I gets it done / I get you down on your knees,
begging please, so that, I don't fucking kill you lyrically,
with the joint that I'm in
Cos the joint that I'm in, marks men
Head shots to the marked man, call me Mr. Marksman
Rhyme mercenary, flow so heavy
Mind tricks style so Jedi, heavy artillery
Fuck majority, I'm extraordinary
See, I mix my passion and emotions
Makes you motion sick in slow motion, I guess I made a bad potion
But you're too fake, I better not waste my time
I'll rather lose a friend than, waste my fucking rhymes on you
Cos when the comrade turns to enemies, when bros turns to foes
Ego time bombs bout to blow
I gets it done, I get you down
Find your best, find your highness or else, you're fucking done!


[Verse 2 - Mean]

Ay boy, you know who done did it on this beat
Its ya boy Mean-a-fuckin-taur / Bitch I bring the heat
And i cooke with a swag, you can call me master chef
(Woop Woop!) In the kitchen i'll be makin' up a mess
and you know I gets it done if my team ever needs me
Lion City Axe Gang, you can never see we
Under the sheets is where we'll always be
Muthafuckin' sleepin' giants making hits, busy bees
Hot pot, mixin up the formula for your soul
Always fresh on a track, asian Peter Pan cold
I get high on the BrandNew, Fuck you minorities
We the higher beings, level up to my energy
Enemies are friends so stay close on my radar
Yes I am your friend and if yousa fuckin hater
Pick a gun, better run
Screw a cunt, bitch you're done
Find your best, find your highness, you're fuckin' done!



from United State of X, released December 13, 2011
Produced by: Trytoplay for SyndicateSG



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Bloody Fat Fucks Singapore

Bloody Fat F**ks is a collaborative duo comprising of 2 freshmen emcees from The.XS Collective.

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