I Don't Like Me

from by Bloody Fat Fucks

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Produced by: Young for NVMBR
Written by: Mean & Yennadoushiii
Scratches by: The IZA
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered @ The.XS Lab


[Verse 1 - Mean]

Bitch I'm self made but i got a lotta self hate
A daily dose of depression up on my damn plate
A bloody tragic fate cos i don't seem to like me
I'm never contented and i do lie to me
Inside of me/ I'm sick of me
Backstabbing me but you can call it sodomy / pause
A reason to find the cause
I'm kinda lost with finding myself time / i'm sick in the mind tell me if i'm just wasting my time huh
"I think you're fucked up, you're fuckin' useless. You're just a fat fuck and a fuckin nuisance"
Wait! I'm speakin', i'm drinkin' and i can barely stop thinking well i'm a beast when it comes to sinkin' my self esteem
A stream of broken dreams and i ain't even pass my prime
A Dead man walking and i ain't even pass my time
I never dare to stare a mirror in its eyes
Well Not until the day that i don't see what i despise


It don't matter if you like me, i don't like me too
I hate me more than i hate you, more than i hate to
Look into the mirror, sit and have my dinner, tryna find my peace but i know that i'm sinner
cos i don't like me i don't i don't like me x2

[Verse 2 - Yennadoushiii]

You can go all night, telling me why you despise me
Unlike me, I don't even like me
Hate is a strong word, I hate me, to the bone,
to the core and to the fats that made me
Serve me beef, I'll gobble it down
Cos I'm a monster, bitch
I could eat up a cow
Look at the body mass and the mess that I made
That's a massive track, on another plain
But I can never run this track alone
Cos I'ma be too lazy, well to do this on my own
On my own two feet, I'll be digging my six feet
Down under, but the width more wider
I grow bigger sideways, going out of my way,
never going your way, so stay the fuck out of my way.
Now leave this fat fuck alone, cos soon I'll be gone,
and never be reborn


[Scratches by The IZA]



from United State of X, released December 13, 2011
Produced by: Young for NVMBR CHLD



all rights reserved


Bloody Fat Fucks Singapore

Bloody Fat F**ks is a collaborative duo comprising of 2 freshmen emcees from The.XS Collective.

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