L​.​A​.​B (Feat. Al Caponey)

from by Bloody Fat Fucks

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Produced by: Trytoplay for SyndicateSG
Written by: Mean, Al Caponey & Yennadoushiii
Recorded @ Jiniusatwork & The.XS Lab
Mixed and Mastered @ The.XS Lab



I party, I party, I party like a bitch x3
Like a bitch, like a bitch, like a-a-a bitch
I party, I party, I party like a bitch x2
Like a bitch, like a bitch, see me party like a bitch
Like a bitch, like a bitch, like a-a-a bitch

[Verse 1 - Mean]

Its that ignorant rap shit / Dumb and dumber on a banger bro
SG to KL yeah we party like an animal
Swagged out with the lights out / We're so fuckin' impossible
I eat this fuckin' beat up like a-a-a cannibal
I'm nasty with the recipe / I cook harder than Lil B
I party with envy / Drink it up till I get tipsy and I...
Bring the heat up on the dancefloor when its empty and I...
Break the ice up on the stage when i get busy
No hammer on a banger / You can't touch this 'cos i'm fuckin' hot
You know that we run this / Watch and learn how we connect the dots
Bloody Fat F**ks and Al Caponey yeah we TNT
We blow up spots / We drinkin shots / We party like it never stops
I'm stupid with the music and that's just how I do it
I party like a bitch and i go crazy when I move it
I might seem kinda stupid but don't judge me by my music
My intellect is way above the level in your music bitch!


[Verse 2 - Al Caponey]

Yeah, I party like a bitch if you don't like it suck my dick
Stop staring, stop hating, else imma give you a kick
In your face, rearrange it and now it looks ten times better
You should really thank me, bitch coz I just did you a favour (Oh snap!)

The Bloody Fat Fucks and Al Caponey up in here
We got no time to hate on haters coz we drinking beer
Gimme an 'S', gimme a 'G', gimme a 'K', gimme an 'L'
SG-KL-SG-KL, party hot we going to hell
Ominous beat, this some menacing shiet
So evil, Dr. Evil looks like an overgrown clit
This dark, so dark, this shit just gettin' darker
It's darker than the backside of that dude Darth Vader (SWAG)
I party, I party, I party like a bitch
I jump on speakers and step on sneakers and then I grind your man
You party, you party, you party like a kid
You got an hour left till your mom picks you up at ten


[Verse 3 - Yennadoushiii]

Watch me swag it out / I walk it out / Now watch me cook it out
I brag it up / I bring it down / I bring this jammer outta town
We outta town to Wilayah / Musik ku pun belayar
Walaupun tak dibayar / Hal ekhwal tetap malayan
I party like a binatang / Swagger like a pendatang
I am still the shit while korang semua meradang
Tabik sama tuan sebab aku lah ahli mengarang
The captain of my ship / Kapal mu akan ku karam
Ram pa pam pam, ram pa pam pa pam pam
I shot your man down cos i'm stupid dumb dumb
I don't need that rum rum so you can can call me tum tum
So pass me gum gum before I do your mom's mom (What?!)
Yes I make this dumb song sicker / We put you on a swaggin' favour
Go ahead and pass that liquor / Imma pass it on
Cos I party like a bitch / Sky juice and a peach
Still go crazy 'cos i'm high on this bitch
Now go crazy bitch!



from United State of X, released December 13, 2011
Produced by: Trytoplay for SyndicateSG



all rights reserved


Bloody Fat Fucks Singapore

Bloody Fat F**ks is a collaborative duo comprising of 2 freshmen emcees from The.XS Collective.

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