The Testament (Feat. Azrael, Young, DoggFace, Ilohshix, Adrenalene & Only XSon)

from by Bloody Fat Fucks

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Produced by: Azrael The Illchemist
Written by: Yennadoushiii, Azrael, Young, DoggFace, Ilohshix, Mean, Adrenalene & Only XSon
Scratches by: The IZA
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered @ The.XS Lab


[Verse 1 - Yennadoushiii]

We got beats by the foundation
We be taking over, invasion, evasion of the profound asians that,
seperates the average and styles that never age,
that's timeless, and we never go rhymeless!
Let the words be the testament, as the Axe Gang march forth as a regiment,
rejuvenate, recuperate when we annihilate in your area
So get familiar and stay behind the barrier

[Verse 2 - Azrael]

I'm from the era where they scribe words on papyrus
and where they count the numericals with the abacus
But now it's digital devices and apparatus to access divine paths of
rhyme travelers that went from carving these alphabets on stone tablets
to coding binary poems on touchpads and tablets
I lived through the old testament up till the new one
and speak the final revelation like the Qu'ran

[Verse 3 - Young]

anybody wanna come please wanna come test be my guest
step into the nebulas
stellar status when im on my lyrical tetris
never go test a men who is the testament
of the regiment or you gonna be feelin the
rage of the bretheren
im the adamant i dont really think you understand this
young the cool the flow alchemist
bloodsounds, breathe life when im up in this
we be rallying with the most damaging, vocabulary
get out of the way of the oratories
oracles delivered orally
we mentally cause a wreckage, full circle the extra ordinary

[Hook - Scratches by The IZA]

[Verse 4 - DoggFace]

As I, scar faces when I chain your body to a speeding car race / I step on your carcass
I'm the hidden corpus beneath the corpses
I'm the director when I direct 'em as I direct they
To go down on your knees and pray
Now repeat every word that I'm about to say
As I reincarnate, incantations, incantations
This is for my daily scar faces

[Verse 5 - Ilohshix]

My style is anti-derivative / Futuristic
Yours is primitive like the 70's retro
My level is advanced japanese techno-logic on another plateau / Alien soundscapes for my Mac Pro
That is designed for the mentally blind which will spark the ions and electrons inside your mind / Intertwine
Then I take control of you / Like a midi controller, I take hold of you
Program as your open thoughts, I open source
This is the dark side of the X against your broken force
My bloodstream is filled blood an lithim
Destroy vintage minded emcees like equilibrium

[Verse 6 - Mean]

I verbally force the heavenly forces down to earth
Superhumanly impossible i rebirth
Bring the ruckus on some Wu shit
Let me show you how to do it
Cut the beat, bitch I can prove it
Bring the flag out, before i bring the Axe(X) out
Put you to sleep before i even cut your lights out
I'm the fuckin best and there's nothing you can do about it
XS we the best, there ain't no doubt about it

[Hook - Scratches]

[Verse 7 - Adrenalene & Only XSon]

This is when the rain drops on the paper
Smudge the feelings and the ink that i catered
First it was attraction, now its fatal
Speaking of keeping the faith, I can't believe this is fated
I used to pen down verses with my hand
But now I let my heart speak in sentiments to amend
I can't function when I lose a part of me
And apart from being apart
None the better half of me
I don't write them in expressive poetry
This poet used to have a soul but soul lost miserably
Its unfortunate when I come quick to tell off that fortune teller bitch
Quit with the forgery / Let god be the judge for my flaws
Leave my affairs and my flairs, don't need your applause / Of course
Its XS till the death of it
But its la'illaha'illallah from birth till death of me


from United State of X, released December 13, 2011
Produced by: Azrael The Illchemist



all rights reserved


Bloody Fat Fucks Singapore

Bloody Fat F**ks is a collaborative duo comprising of 2 freshmen emcees from The.XS Collective.

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