United State of X (Feat. Maddie)

from by Bloody Fat Fucks

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Produced by: Meanoutaur for NVMBR CHLD
Written by: Mean, Yennadoushiii and Maddie
Scratches by: The IZA
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered @ The.XS Lab


[Verse 1 - Mean]

BFF / USX - United state of the X
DTK / i dress to kill you bitches off with the fats
I'm steady rollin with best you already know the facts
I'm sicker than a psycho cooking my beats up in the lab
Its a wrap, i need a boost, go ahead gimme clap
My ego's screaming for attention i might just need a slap.
Its impeccable that my shit go all hard up in the tracks
I'll murder any body that comes and messes with the X
I pledge allegiance to the X and keep it real with the swag
Murder beats, slaughter bars, throwing corpses into body bags
The lion city axe gang we expand
the school thoughts for the gifted / not all men can
Understand why some times we so loco
The reason why we put the rap game in a chokehold
A breath of fresh air through the breeze
When we give the rap game some room to breathe

[Chorus] x 2

We the freshmen / Rolling with the best man
None can do it better like we do / Like the X can

Its the official Axe Gang argh!
In United State of X argh!

[Verse 2 - Yennadoushiii]

It's the official Axe Gang, we don't fucking rest
Never gone from the scene, we still fucking blessed
Yes, we exile you wack rhymes, extort your right minds,
exhale your lifeline and I, pledge allegiance to the flag,
to the X, to the swag, to the weight that I am
A bloody fat fuck till I end-F-I-N-I-T-Y
or at least till I die
But I'm not dead, I ain't never scared
of the motherfucking ruckus you brought, I take
So, protect your neck now,
before I bring the axe out,
and then I wipe your fam out,
unless you step your game up
Bring it up a notch or two
This is a game and this is how you play it through
We're Mean with the swag, go Mad on this track
And if you don't know, this is United State of X

[Chorus] x2

[Verse 3 - Maddie]

We don't click, boys / Look at how i click toys
Pull up at your house / Click, Boom! and I destroy
United State of X and we employ all you fuckin' rappers just to kill cos I enjoy / Watch you die I kill / Joy
This is ain't no ploy and we just ain't saying shit
Unlike United States A boy, we fuckin' doin' it
I don't drop bombs on the call of the President but if my boys call I drop a bomb on the President
Go ask your boys where i'm from / At Woodlands i'm the fuckin' bomb
Blew up in your face / Now you can't tell I didn't warn
The Bloody Fat F**ks and that skinny muthafucka
The sizes don't fit but combination, ain't no better.
The class of 1-0 but i'm a fuckin veteran
I don't run from beef so you can't call me vegetarian
The beef don't come with no radio edit
I edit no beef for the radio to play it muthafuckers!


from United State of X, released December 13, 2011
Produced by: Meanoutaur for NVMBR CHLD



all rights reserved


Bloody Fat Fucks Singapore

Bloody Fat F**ks is a collaborative duo comprising of 2 freshmen emcees from The.XS Collective.

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