United State of X

by Bloody Fat Fucks

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United State of X is a collaborative album by freshmen, Mean & Yennadoushiii of The.XS collective. Together their chemistry ignites a certain spark in their music. Mixing styles and influences ranging from old school raw hip-hop sounds to the new age swagged-out ignorant music, they have created a sound of their own.

This project features fellow music comrades and affiliates. The sound direction is mainly sculpted by Mean with assistance by producers such as Trytoplay, Tom Laegen, Azrael and Young.

United State of X is a symbolic representation of the duo's territorial conquest of a whole new world in music.

Watch the promo trailer: youtu.be/-6qCOBdtsEc

Note: If you are having issues with downloading via bandcamp here is a direct link: bit.ly/bffusx


released December 13, 2011

Executive Producers: Mean & Azrael
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered @ The.XS Lab
Album Artwork Designed by: Mean



all rights reserved


Bloody Fat Fucks Singapore

Bloody Fat F**ks is a collaborative duo comprising of 2 freshmen emcees from The.XS Collective.

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Track Name: Bloody Fat What?!

Ay, look up in the sky its a bird, its a plane, no? (No!)
Its the Bloody Fat F**ks mayne! (What?!)
Its the Bloody Fat What? What?
Its the Bloody Fat What?!

Its the Bloody Bloody, Bloo-Bloo-Bloody Fat (What?!)
Its the Bloody Bloody, Bloo-Bloo-Bloody Fat F**ks
Its the Bloody Bloody, Bloo-Bloo-Bloody Fat (What?!)
Its the Bloody Bloody, Bloo-Bloo-Bloody Fat F**ks

[Verse 1 - Mean]

I'm bringin' the heat, all over the beat
You know your shit be obsolete
I'm bringin' the bars, all over to mars
You know that i'll be meltin' stars
I'm fat as a truck, i'm high as a drug
I'm ready to fuck you bitches like the last day of my life and all I think about is me
With my fat man swag and my face all black
Yeah my team so rad when we bear that flag
All you kids are nothin' but just excess fats
Its XS, bitches better get your facts right! (Right)


[Verse 2 - Yennadoushiii]

As I elevate up to the moon, getting super legal high with this tune
Watch me make you sweat, I shine so bright,
Like its 12 in the noon, early of june,
I'm outta my cocoon
Free as a butterfly, you can call me butterfree
Fuck being a butterfly
I'm in my United State of X
The fat foot soldier of the X Clan
The fat flag barrer of the Axe Gang
You can't kick it better than the X can

[Chorus] x3
Track Name: Swagnificent (Feat. Rauzan Rahman)

I'm swagnificent, I'm swag-swagnificent
(Swagnificent, Swag-swagnificent)
I'm swagnificent, I'm swag-swagnificent
(Swagnificent, Swag-swagnificent)
I'm swagnificent, I'm swag-swagnificent
(Swagnificent, Swag-swagnificent)
I'm swagnificent, I'm swag-swagnificent
(Swagnificent, Swag-swagnificent)

[Verse 1 - Mean]

I'm mean with the swag / My style is so ready
Bump hard when I jump start, I go steady
Make the beat roll like a kid roll heavy
So fuckin filthy / I am triple X-S
Hardcore to the fuckin death
Ain't DJ Khaled but you know we the fuckin best
Bloody Fat F**ks in your ears till you're fuckin deaf
I murder 'em beats, go HAM on this bitch
I serve the beef cold straight out of the fridge
I will do thangs, like i'm Liu Kang, kick it Wu-Tang, on combat with my comrades
On a conquest, I am killin all my enemies
Bust ya face make you see my melody
and i stay swagnificent till the end of me


[Verse 2 - Yenadoushiii]

I'll be going go-gorilla on this jammer jammer
Swagging with my caveman flow, Bam Bam, call me Bammer Bammer
With my hammer hammer / I'll be wacking wack MCs so I suggest you quit your fucking jabber jabber
Walk your swagger swagger, like you're better
Before I check your style, like you feeling my style
Feeling feeling my swag, Swagger checker 1, 2
The brand new fat fucks, gonna tell you what to do cuz I'm...


[Verse 3 - Rauzan Rahman]

This is heavy, its humongous, it is huge
They are fat and i'm just epic, schedule hectic, yet fantastic
Rhyme organic, flow efficient, swagnificently cool and...
Yes we rule in every single thing we pull huh...
Swimmin in my pool, you drown in my flow
Shark fin soup, sip sippin' up a bowl
Too bloody for your fucks huh
Lousy on your bars huh
Bloody Fat F**ks swagnificently hot huh?!

Track Name: Gets It Done

I gets it done (I gets it done)
I gets it done (I gets it done)
I gets it done bwoi (Find your best that's your highness)

[Verse 1 - Yennadoushiii]

I gets it done / I get you down on your knees,
begging please, so that, I don't fucking kill you lyrically,
with the joint that I'm in
Cos the joint that I'm in, marks men
Head shots to the marked man, call me Mr. Marksman
Rhyme mercenary, flow so heavy
Mind tricks style so Jedi, heavy artillery
Fuck majority, I'm extraordinary
See, I mix my passion and emotions
Makes you motion sick in slow motion, I guess I made a bad potion
But you're too fake, I better not waste my time
I'll rather lose a friend than, waste my fucking rhymes on you
Cos when the comrade turns to enemies, when bros turns to foes
Ego time bombs bout to blow
I gets it done, I get you down
Find your best, find your highness or else, you're fucking done!


[Verse 2 - Mean]

Ay boy, you know who done did it on this beat
Its ya boy Mean-a-fuckin-taur / Bitch I bring the heat
And i cooke with a swag, you can call me master chef
(Woop Woop!) In the kitchen i'll be makin' up a mess
and you know I gets it done if my team ever needs me
Lion City Axe Gang, you can never see we
Under the sheets is where we'll always be
Muthafuckin' sleepin' giants making hits, busy bees
Hot pot, mixin up the formula for your soul
Always fresh on a track, asian Peter Pan cold
I get high on the BrandNew, Fuck you minorities
We the higher beings, level up to my energy
Enemies are friends so stay close on my radar
Yes I am your friend and if yousa fuckin hater
Pick a gun, better run
Screw a cunt, bitch you're done
Find your best, find your highness, you're fuckin' done!

Track Name: The Testament (Feat. Azrael, Young, DoggFace, Ilohshix, Adrenalene & Only XSon)
[Verse 1 - Yennadoushiii]

We got beats by the foundation
We be taking over, invasion, evasion of the profound asians that,
seperates the average and styles that never age,
that's timeless, and we never go rhymeless!
Let the words be the testament, as the Axe Gang march forth as a regiment,
rejuvenate, recuperate when we annihilate in your area
So get familiar and stay behind the barrier

[Verse 2 - Azrael]

I'm from the era where they scribe words on papyrus
and where they count the numericals with the abacus
But now it's digital devices and apparatus to access divine paths of
rhyme travelers that went from carving these alphabets on stone tablets
to coding binary poems on touchpads and tablets
I lived through the old testament up till the new one
and speak the final revelation like the Qu'ran

[Verse 3 - Young]

anybody wanna come please wanna come test be my guest
step into the nebulas
stellar status when im on my lyrical tetris
never go test a men who is the testament
of the regiment or you gonna be feelin the
rage of the bretheren
im the adamant i dont really think you understand this
young the cool the flow alchemist
bloodsounds, breathe life when im up in this
we be rallying with the most damaging, vocabulary
get out of the way of the oratories
oracles delivered orally
we mentally cause a wreckage, full circle the extra ordinary

[Hook - Scratches by The IZA]

[Verse 4 - DoggFace]

As I, scar faces when I chain your body to a speeding car race / I step on your carcass
I'm the hidden corpus beneath the corpses
I'm the director when I direct 'em as I direct they
To go down on your knees and pray
Now repeat every word that I'm about to say
As I reincarnate, incantations, incantations
This is for my daily scar faces

[Verse 5 - Ilohshix]

My style is anti-derivative / Futuristic
Yours is primitive like the 70's retro
My level is advanced japanese techno-logic on another plateau / Alien soundscapes for my Mac Pro
That is designed for the mentally blind which will spark the ions and electrons inside your mind / Intertwine
Then I take control of you / Like a midi controller, I take hold of you
Program as your open thoughts, I open source
This is the dark side of the X against your broken force
My bloodstream is filled blood an lithim
Destroy vintage minded emcees like equilibrium

[Verse 6 - Mean]

I verbally force the heavenly forces down to earth
Superhumanly impossible i rebirth
Bring the ruckus on some Wu shit
Let me show you how to do it
Cut the beat, bitch I can prove it
Bring the flag out, before i bring the Axe(X) out
Put you to sleep before i even cut your lights out
I'm the fuckin best and there's nothing you can do about it
XS we the best, there ain't no doubt about it

[Hook - Scratches]

[Verse 7 - Adrenalene & Only XSon]

This is when the rain drops on the paper
Smudge the feelings and the ink that i catered
First it was attraction, now its fatal
Speaking of keeping the faith, I can't believe this is fated
I used to pen down verses with my hand
But now I let my heart speak in sentiments to amend
I can't function when I lose a part of me
And apart from being apart
None the better half of me
I don't write them in expressive poetry
This poet used to have a soul but soul lost miserably
Its unfortunate when I come quick to tell off that fortune teller bitch
Quit with the forgery / Let god be the judge for my flaws
Leave my affairs and my flairs, don't need your applause / Of course
Its XS till the death of it
But its la'illaha'illallah from birth till death of me
Track Name: Senseless
[Verse 1 - Mean]

Forget a hook / I got lines that'll get you hooked
Like a dead fish on a plate / You can call it food
A boot to you fishes / A kill for the vicious
NVMBR CHLD up in this bitch / We so malicious
Damn we so delicious / I be cookin' up the dishes
Devour shit up now you can help out with the dishes
I'm intel with the flow sick go harder than the missiles
I'll be lyin' if said that i will kill you with my pistols
This shit is senseless / Beethoven blind eyed keys
On an acid trip / Take my mind on a music trip
I am on some stupid shit / Black thoughts dark as shit
Never gave a fuck about your pussy ass hatin' shit
Bloody Fat F**ks in your ears / Couple cans of beer
Yes i bring fear to your peers for a million years
Not making sense cos i've got money in my bank
Fuck this shit I think i'm done
Imma go and fuck a skank / Swag!

Bloody Fat F**ks
Swag, Swag Swag

[Verse 2]

I gets it done for the fun, there's no pun
Cos I'm young in the blood, spitting blunt with no gun
I still run and, I run through the sun,
for the sign, cos I'm blind
I still hunt for the cunt, but its you that I find
Hate myself more than I hate you, call me selfless
Hit myself up for no reason, call me senseless
Love those middle fingers to my face, I'm faceless
Break the ice I'm trapped in, bring me back my senses
Cos, I'm so numb, knows no pain
I'm insane, needs no brain
I am hard in the paint
And I'm stiff, I am sweet, yours truly sugar cane
An illusion, the magician, you can call me David Blaine
We fat fucks, so you think that we're funny
Just because we make no sense, and I ain't talking bout the money, cos
I do it for the scene, so you'll know where I stand
But I do love money, hope the scene understands

I put my X up high
BrandNewFeelers got my back
and NVMBR all year round
Fat F**k on my left / Swag
The hero decimals in front of zeros, you zeros
Track Name: I Don't Like Me
[Verse 1 - Mean]

Bitch I'm self made but i got a lotta self hate
A daily dose of depression up on my damn plate
A bloody tragic fate cos i don't seem to like me
I'm never contented and i do lie to me
Inside of me/ I'm sick of me
Backstabbing me but you can call it sodomy / pause
A reason to find the cause
I'm kinda lost with finding myself time / i'm sick in the mind tell me if i'm just wasting my time huh
"I think you're fucked up, you're fuckin' useless. You're just a fat fuck and a fuckin nuisance"
Wait! I'm speakin', i'm drinkin' and i can barely stop thinking well i'm a beast when it comes to sinkin' my self esteem
A stream of broken dreams and i ain't even pass my prime
A Dead man walking and i ain't even pass my time
I never dare to stare a mirror in its eyes
Well Not until the day that i don't see what i despise


It don't matter if you like me, i don't like me too
I hate me more than i hate you, more than i hate to
Look into the mirror, sit and have my dinner, tryna find my peace but i know that i'm sinner
cos i don't like me i don't i don't like me x2

[Verse 2 - Yennadoushiii]

You can go all night, telling me why you despise me
Unlike me, I don't even like me
Hate is a strong word, I hate me, to the bone,
to the core and to the fats that made me
Serve me beef, I'll gobble it down
Cos I'm a monster, bitch
I could eat up a cow
Look at the body mass and the mess that I made
That's a massive track, on another plain
But I can never run this track alone
Cos I'ma be too lazy, well to do this on my own
On my own two feet, I'll be digging my six feet
Down under, but the width more wider
I grow bigger sideways, going out of my way,
never going your way, so stay the fuck out of my way.
Now leave this fat fuck alone, cos soon I'll be gone,
and never be reborn


[Scratches by The IZA]

Track Name: L.A.B (Feat. Al Caponey)

I party, I party, I party like a bitch x3
Like a bitch, like a bitch, like a-a-a bitch
I party, I party, I party like a bitch x2
Like a bitch, like a bitch, see me party like a bitch
Like a bitch, like a bitch, like a-a-a bitch

[Verse 1 - Mean]

Its that ignorant rap shit / Dumb and dumber on a banger bro
SG to KL yeah we party like an animal
Swagged out with the lights out / We're so fuckin' impossible
I eat this fuckin' beat up like a-a-a cannibal
I'm nasty with the recipe / I cook harder than Lil B
I party with envy / Drink it up till I get tipsy and I...
Bring the heat up on the dancefloor when its empty and I...
Break the ice up on the stage when i get busy
No hammer on a banger / You can't touch this 'cos i'm fuckin' hot
You know that we run this / Watch and learn how we connect the dots
Bloody Fat F**ks and Al Caponey yeah we TNT
We blow up spots / We drinkin shots / We party like it never stops
I'm stupid with the music and that's just how I do it
I party like a bitch and i go crazy when I move it
I might seem kinda stupid but don't judge me by my music
My intellect is way above the level in your music bitch!


[Verse 2 - Al Caponey]

Yeah, I party like a bitch if you don't like it suck my dick
Stop staring, stop hating, else imma give you a kick
In your face, rearrange it and now it looks ten times better
You should really thank me, bitch coz I just did you a favour (Oh snap!)

The Bloody Fat Fucks and Al Caponey up in here
We got no time to hate on haters coz we drinking beer
Gimme an 'S', gimme a 'G', gimme a 'K', gimme an 'L'
SG-KL-SG-KL, party hot we going to hell
Ominous beat, this some menacing shiet
So evil, Dr. Evil looks like an overgrown clit
This dark, so dark, this shit just gettin' darker
It's darker than the backside of that dude Darth Vader (SWAG)
I party, I party, I party like a bitch
I jump on speakers and step on sneakers and then I grind your man
You party, you party, you party like a kid
You got an hour left till your mom picks you up at ten


[Verse 3 - Yennadoushiii]

Watch me swag it out / I walk it out / Now watch me cook it out
I brag it up / I bring it down / I bring this jammer outta town
We outta town to Wilayah / Musik ku pun belayar
Walaupun tak dibayar / Hal ekhwal tetap malayan
I party like a binatang / Swagger like a pendatang
I am still the shit while korang semua meradang
Tabik sama tuan sebab aku lah ahli mengarang
The captain of my ship / Kapal mu akan ku karam
Ram pa pam pam, ram pa pam pa pam pam
I shot your man down cos i'm stupid dumb dumb
I don't need that rum rum so you can can call me tum tum
So pass me gum gum before I do your mom's mom (What?!)
Yes I make this dumb song sicker / We put you on a swaggin' favour
Go ahead and pass that liquor / Imma pass it on
Cos I party like a bitch / Sky juice and a peach
Still go crazy 'cos i'm high on this bitch
Now go crazy bitch!

Track Name: United State of X (Feat. Maddie)
[Verse 1 - Mean]

BFF / USX - United state of the X
DTK / i dress to kill you bitches off with the fats
I'm steady rollin with best you already know the facts
I'm sicker than a psycho cooking my beats up in the lab
Its a wrap, i need a boost, go ahead gimme clap
My ego's screaming for attention i might just need a slap.
Its impeccable that my shit go all hard up in the tracks
I'll murder any body that comes and messes with the X
I pledge allegiance to the X and keep it real with the swag
Murder beats, slaughter bars, throwing corpses into body bags
The lion city axe gang we expand
the school thoughts for the gifted / not all men can
Understand why some times we so loco
The reason why we put the rap game in a chokehold
A breath of fresh air through the breeze
When we give the rap game some room to breathe

[Chorus] x 2

We the freshmen / Rolling with the best man
None can do it better like we do / Like the X can

Its the official Axe Gang argh!
In United State of X argh!

[Verse 2 - Yennadoushiii]

It's the official Axe Gang, we don't fucking rest
Never gone from the scene, we still fucking blessed
Yes, we exile you wack rhymes, extort your right minds,
exhale your lifeline and I, pledge allegiance to the flag,
to the X, to the swag, to the weight that I am
A bloody fat fuck till I end-F-I-N-I-T-Y
or at least till I die
But I'm not dead, I ain't never scared
of the motherfucking ruckus you brought, I take
So, protect your neck now,
before I bring the axe out,
and then I wipe your fam out,
unless you step your game up
Bring it up a notch or two
This is a game and this is how you play it through
We're Mean with the swag, go Mad on this track
And if you don't know, this is United State of X

[Chorus] x2

[Verse 3 - Maddie]

We don't click, boys / Look at how i click toys
Pull up at your house / Click, Boom! and I destroy
United State of X and we employ all you fuckin' rappers just to kill cos I enjoy / Watch you die I kill / Joy
This is ain't no ploy and we just ain't saying shit
Unlike United States A boy, we fuckin' doin' it
I don't drop bombs on the call of the President but if my boys call I drop a bomb on the President
Go ask your boys where i'm from / At Woodlands i'm the fuckin' bomb
Blew up in your face / Now you can't tell I didn't warn
The Bloody Fat F**ks and that skinny muthafucka
The sizes don't fit but combination, ain't no better.
The class of 1-0 but i'm a fuckin veteran
I don't run from beef so you can't call me vegetarian
The beef don't come with no radio edit
I edit no beef for the radio to play it muthafuckers!
Track Name: Live or Die
[Verse 1 - Mean]

All my fuckin life i have been living in a world full of hate
Check my fuckin size, yeah i am kinda overweight
I look all these skinny people in the magazines
I get envious and try fit myself a pair of skinny jeans
But i look too much like a stuffed turkey on thanksgiving
Fuck / the things i'd do to trade my body for an aneroxic frame
I think that i'm insane. I blame the world for making me feel different in the brain
I'm sorry i'm not perfect like a wall full of cracks
I am broken beyond the point of remedy
Its crazy how i still got the energy to live my life the way i want it to
Fuck a hater / I'm not perfect
And there's nothing i can do to make you happy all the time 'cos i'm sick in the mind
And i'm suffocating /will somebody please come and help me out
I'm dying deep inside trying hard to breathe for air but it seems that no one cares if i live or die

[Chorus] x2

Live or die, live or die, live-live or die x2
Live or die, a bloody fat fuck
I live or die, a bloody fat fuck

[Verse 2 - Yennadoushiii]

Here's a story about the boy who wish he wasn't him
He wished that he was someone else, other than him.
Fat, fair chubby cheeks. Tight top, skinny jeans
Trying his best to look as fly as dudes on tv screen
But his friends told him, he look more like a fiend
A monster who only dream of becoming a prince
Who couldn't get a princess, even monstress leaves him
Or she will find another girl, in replace of him
He got so much hate, he would shoot himself and leave him dead
He couldn't get laid, so he had lotions by the bed
He couldn't find a mate, so he tried to lose some weight,
but wait, easy said than done, so he leaves the rest to fate.
Umm... I'll come clean its more better, I'm the writer and the character
I'm the author, you're my listener
I pour my heart out just to get by
I'm a bloody fat fuck, either live or die

[Chorus] x2
Track Name: Promise (Feat. Sheeq Luna)
[Verse 1 - Yennadoushiii]

The scene's so quiet, let me blow some breeze now
Let me clear the air, let me be the truth now
A rebel with a cause, anarchy of myself
Fighting for my own rights, a war within myself, huh!
Cos heart was never built for love
Not joy, not for lust and nothing from above
But from above I was built, that is why i'm living
And I don't even know when the hell i'll be leaving
For good or worse that is why i wrote this verse
I hope my camp stay put and never be dispersed
With the verse unrehearsed / I hope for better end
And this I promise you, I'll be a better man
Or the best man with the upper hand
Making worst things better, with a better plan
.XS, BNF, NVMBR CHLD and i'm rolling with the best
So we'll be the fuckin' best, man

[Chorus - Sheeq Luna] x2

This I promise x3
Promise you x2

[Verse 2 - Mean]

I'm in it till i win it / Got a dream that i will make it
I make this promises hoping hard that i won't break it
So take it, from me, a man who's never had to fake it.
The realest to myself and my camp, don't ever break it
I'm in the game for the passion, never the cash
I'm in the lane, driving sideways, hoping to crash
Moving too fast, i'm getting nervous ready to crash
This the last promise i make before i pass
The fear to live / The fear to carry on living
Failure to give with failure to carry on breathing
I'm in too deep / no promises to carry on living
I'm in my sleep trying so hard to carry on breathing
With the failure to breathe and failure to give, i'm ending it all / No reason to live
But i'm only human with a heart so full grief
With the passion to give / I'm fighting to live / Learning the lessons cos life is brief
Every breath that i breathe that is gift
So i promise to live

[Chorus - Sheeq Luna] x4